We offer new machine building, retool and retrofit, refurbishing and add-ons/off-end components. Diagnosing problems in your automated machines is our specialty and coming up with the perfect solution to fixing it through Machine Consulting. If you can’t find a particular part for a reasonable price, we also offer 3D printing and rendering! Anything you need, we are here to save you time and money.



3D Printing is creating three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file. 3D Rendering is the process of creating two-dimensional images from a three-dimensional model. With 3D Printing and Rendering technology, we can create any part you need, from a picture into an actual object. And we do this at a reasonable price!

3D Printing can work on nearly any type of material, from concrete to living tissue. A process of laying down multiple layers of material is how an object is created. This process allows you to create complex shapes using less material than other traditional manufacturing techniques.

3D Rendering is used in magazines, on the TV screen, on the covers of books and about everywhere else seen on TV, digital media, or in print. The process uses a computer wireframe model that is given properties in color, texture, and material. These processes make your project easy to comprehend and become more visually attractive!

Janesville Automation is where to go for all of your automation needs.


While creating new machinery is often our focus, we can also improve existing machines. We are here to help you with installation, maintenance, and repairs of your automation equipment, and ensure you always have working equipment. We are experts at troubleshooting and fault elimination of automated machinery and parts. We also have the technology and equipment to fix your products in-house and at a reasonable price or we can order you the correct part you need.

The process begins with gathering data, developing a plan, creating design concepts and testing the machinery for productivity – we focus on creating a working product. You can trust us with your automation machines in diagnosing the problems and then fixing each problem. We are committed to providing you with the best possible products at the lowest possible prices. The end result is a system/machine that satisfies your requests, solves the issue, and brings value!

Case Study

Our second customer ever called us needing eight inserts for a yogurt filling machine. The customer had just got a new cup and needed a new insert for a better fit. He needed them as soon as possible, but we were just starting, so we had to subcontract the machining of the aluminum inserts out to another company. The eight inserts cost well over $1500 to be made and took 3 weeks to finish. This is where we started thinking about using 3D Printed technology to create these parts. We printed eight prototype inserts made out of PETG, and shipped them to that same customer. The customer tested the 3D printed inserts out, and he told us that they worked better than the previous ones made out of aluminum. This same customer wanted to run another style cup, so he asked us if we could make some more of the 3D printed inserts. We told him absolutely, and explained that instead of paying over $1,500 for eight aluminum inserts, these eight 3D printed inserts would be less than $150 total. Not only that, we could get them to him in less than a week. This is especially good for cup inserts because they are wear parts which means they have to be replaced often and are not part of machine warranties.

  • Use of new technologies to save the customer money in every part
  • Owner operated.
  • Flexibility to work with older machines and technologies and newer
    ones, but also the ability to integrate them together.
  • Always available to answer questions or to converse about any
    automated machine needs.
  • Helping small businesses, like dairy farmers, get their product directly
    to the consumer without the need of a middle person.
  • Able to work with the customer during the whole machine building
    process. The same applies for service, parts, and any consulting. Great
    one on one service.
  • Flexibility to prototype and try new designs out for minimal cost due to
    the new technology we use, and because we are owner operated.
  • Free Samples for Inserts and other similar parts.